An award-winning two-photographer team, as standard...

...with two-photographer coverage across all our One Fine Day Wedding Photography packages.

It’s a common dilemma when a couple begins thinking about their wedding photos: do you have the photographer capture the bride’s preparations or the groom's? The view from the front of the altar, or looking down the aisle from the back? The candid shots, or the details?

You’ve spent months planning your perfect day and we believe you shouldn’t have to choose. There’s two of you and two of us – which means we can be in two places at once! Brides and bridesmaids are generally much more comfortable being photographed getting ready by a female, whilst the chaps are at ease with a male photographer. Just like you, we consider ourselves a team, and we’ll work together to ensure we capture every moment of your special day, perfectly. 

Leanie Evans, LBIPP

Leanie Evans, photographer

Leanie is a qualified member of the British Institute of Professional Photography, and has been passionately photographing weddings and portraits for the past eight years. Leanie has received several consecutive awards from the British Institute of Professional Photography's North West regional awards in the categories of Creative, Classical and Reportage Weddings.